There is a concept that comes from agriculture that illustrates my working method and that is pivotal to the creative work I do. It’s the concept of la milpa, a crop-growing system used by the Mayans and other cultures throughout Mesoamerica where at least three types of plants are cultivated: corn, beans and squash. These crops offer a nutritious diet and complement one another at various levels. As a system, la milpa is designed to function at a human scale—the main goal being self-sustenance while the surplus is bartered or sold—and its role encompasses the supplying of food for the family as well as the nourishing of social interactions that ensure a dignified and sustainable way of life.

Similar to la milpa, my work centers in a few complementary practices: filmmaking, teaching, and the development of cultural initiatives that often times, but not always, take the shape of curated film series. While these undertakings generate projects with distinctive traits and unique life spans, they all aim to satisfy my appetite for learning, for artistic exploration, as well as my need to develop a sustainable artistic practice.

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