Making Noise – The story of a skatepark

2018 – Various formats, color, sound. TRT: 64 min.

Making Noise chronicles the long struggle of the skateboarders of Northfield, Minnesota, to secure a permanent place for their sport. Shot in close collaboration with the latest generation of skateboarders, the film follows their efforts as they meet with city officials to fundraise, envision, and design a skatepark that seems to fit nowhere. A voiceover narration provided by the skateboarders and based on city records, reveals the inefficiency of a process slowed down by outdated stereotypes about skateboarding and a thinly veiled resistance to the skateboarders as “other.” The film calls into question Northfield’s open-minded and friendly reputation in light of the community’s delay to find a place for its own youths. Making Noise bears witness to young people’s resilience and perseverance as it exposes the victories and failures of the civic process in small town America.

Selected Screenings:

Making Noise ~ The story of a skatepark
2018    Matthews Opera House, Spearfish, SD

Make No Noise
2018    Frozen River Film Festival
2017    Rural Arts & Culture Summit, Morris, MN
2016    Cine las Americas, Austin, TX
2016    Weitz Cinema, Carleton College, Northfield, MN

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